Together as a team, Oneup has been working hard and tirelessly to become the brand we aim to be.  We constantly strive to be ONEUP!  We are realizing the trend in vaping and how it keeps evolving...  Almost to a point were we can not keep up with the trends.  

So we came out with a solution in order to help better satisfy your needs and wants... We came out with a platform to target the following: Quality, Price, and Customer Service.  

Quality: We have revamped our bottles/labels and introducing new and better flavors.

Price:  Oneup has finally moved on from 15mls to 60ml bottles at an amazing price for $19.99.  Same if not better quality than other premium lines with more liquid and an amazing price tag.

Customer Service:  We strive to make sure all of our customers are 100% happy and will go the extra mile to show our appreciation.

As a team, we reevaluate our brand.. And wanted to give back to what really matters. This is what we came up with in order to strive to become OneUp!

Stay tune for more amazing things we are going to start doing for you...



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